Feed my soul

Sunsets always have the ability to feed my soul. They fill me up with happiness and make me forget about the world for a couple minutes. I am always in awe when I see pretty skies and a picture never gives enough justice to the beauty of sunsets.



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British Columbia

British Columbia is a beautiful Canadian city, but the ENTIRE time I was there, it was raining! It put such a damper on the mood. Have you ever been to Vancouver? What were your thoughts?T


3 weeks ago, I embarked on a short journey with my best friend to Montreal. I haven't been to Montreal for around 4 years now so I was super stoked!

The sole purpose of this trip was to see Ed Sheeran, but we decided to turn it into a little vacation for ourselves.

Montreal always had people hustling and hustling-always on the go. Every corner you turn, there's always people and it's always lively. The surroundings in my opinion are very different from Ottawa and Toronto and sometimes, it felt as though I was walking down a European street.

Have you ever been to Montreal?


Sometimes, even the rainiest of days can bring the most beautiful sunsets. In other words, the darkest times can make for the brightest people. You don't know people's stories so never judge a person by their cover.

Cloudy days.. sunny skies//

Prior to coming to Toronto this weekend, it said it was going to rain all weekend! Well.. here I am! And there is no rain.

After 6 months, I finally got to reunite with my best friend, gossip, and eat LOTS of food. Within 3 hours, we hit up 4 different restaurants. I’m beyond grateful to have such a wonderful best friend, someone who I can tell everything to with no judgement at all. Tonight, I will be seeing the amazing ed sheeran again! Can’t wait. 

another beautiful day//

Another day sitting in the office has got me reminiscing about the beautiful Taj Mahal!

To me, I still feel like it was all just a dream and so surreal. The entire trip didn’t feel real and now that I’m back in Canada, it feels as though it didn’t even happen!

However, I did get some good news, and I might be embarking on my next adventure soon…

Thailand adventures//

Thailand seems to be booming in tourists this year.

Personally, I am saving up so I can visit next year. Has anyone been before? Would you recommend going to visit?

There are so many beautiful temples and so much unique foods that one wouldn’t normally try in North America. The culture is strikingly interesting to me and in a sense, I think it will remind me of India.

I’m excited to have the opportunity to travel again in the near future.


travel bug//


Ever since my adventure to India, all I can think of is where should I travel too next?

Words can’t describe how grateful I am still to have had that opportunity and I look forward to having many more. I think my next adventure I want to go to Thailand.

Has anyone been there before?


Comment below.


Day 2- JetLag

Second day here in Mumbai was exhausting to say none the least. A couple of us couldn’t sleep, so around 5, we walked down to the gateway of India and tried to catch the sunrise. After waiting around half an hour, we realized the sun was up and we didn’t even see it come up! We decided we wanted to grab some McDonald’s but unfortunately it still wasn’t open at the time so we headed back to the hotel and waited until then.

At 7, we headed to McDonald’s, and we got to try a breakfast from there. Their menu surprised me quite a bit acrually as there were no beef options (not surprising). I had a hashbrown brioche and a green apple iced tea. We also looked through the menu and noticed so many other different items not offered normally in Canada.

Unfortunately, today’s day was mostly spent inside at the college filled with lectures. Each lecture was inspiring however and provided even more insight about globalization, business in India, how entrepreneurships began, etc. We also had a lecturer talking about film but she was unentertaing and rude. Food was always provided to us by the host organization, with each item offered being completely different. Today, we tried something called ‘Paan’ which is essentially something eaten at the end of a meal to cleanse your palette. I didn’t try it because everyone’s reactions turned me off but apparently I didn’t miss much! We also tried a wrap that was like Indian shawarma to say the least.

Our classroom sessions ended around 4 after we were supposed to end at 1:30. After this, we went on a heritage walk and went to see different museums in the area. The first one we saw was at the museum of modern art which was right in front of our hotel, which discussed the history of Bombay’s art. The second museum we visited was called the Prince of Wales Museum and the outside architecture was incredible. There were statues everywhere and made for perfect photo ops. The inside had a lot of history-from fossils, to art, etc. One thing I noticed that was different here is that they charge people to take pictures! Something I had never noticed before.

After this, we were taken on a walk around town just to see different parts of it as each area looks different than the other.

This day was exhausting not to say the least but we ended off our walk by seeing the sunset at Marine Drive, and you can see the sun setting down with the skyline in the back (see below). After that, we finally headed back to our hotel for some much needed rest! Oh, I also thought my camera broke which was giving me a nice panic attack… however I wouldn’t have changed today for the world!