Seizing the Day//

A couple days ago, I embarked on a short but amazing journey to Toronto. I grew up a little bit North of Toronto but haven’t been back in more than a year. It felt so nice to get a fresh breath of the city and be surrounded by all the tall buildings around me. Compared to Ottawa, Toronto has so much hustle and bustle, and people are always doing things. It is such an exciting place to be.

My best friend picked me up from the train station, and from there, we did 800 things in a day. We began with grabbing some food at the Union Summer Food Festival and had an infamous churro cone which was absolutely delicious. We walked around downtown Toronto, and soaked in the weather, while catching up on a year of stories. After that, we took a ferry over to Toronto Island, and yet again, talked. I didn’t realize we had SO much to talk about until we talked for 9 hours straight. I missed my best friend and all the memories we shared.

Although it was such a short trip, I couldn’t have asked for anything more. I was able to rekindle my friendship with my best friend, as well as enjoy some nice family time. What more could I have really asked for?


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